My First Podcast Out Now – Clarifying Your Values

rsz_1mbp_pinkI have always been thankful to be part of a circle of women who speak to my life. I am so privileged to be part of Working Motherhood’s roster of podcasts.

Among the women I look up to include Brenda Lee who has continually excelled at balancing everything, she makes motherhood look easy and fun. My own mom and my mom-in-law who have both showed me how big the love of a mother can be, have not stopped growing and nurturing kids and grandkids. And then there are the countless working mom models I have at work, Teejay, Harlyn, Shey and Fae, all who have grown to be my friends and whose lives and stories I have learned immensely from. Recently, got the chance to interact with Dr. Portia Jackson, a busy working mom, married with two beautiful daughters (ages 3 and 1), one of whom has special needs. Dr. Portia is a former rocket scientist turned financial advisor. She also teaches math and physics online at an aeronautical university, run Working Motherhood and involved in ministry at church.

Just imagine my excitement when I got invited by Dr. Portia to do a podcast interview on Clarifying Your Values.

After listening to the podcast interview, you will learn how to:

  • Take time to sit in peace
  • Add beauty to all situations (a.k.a. a butterfly working mom)
  • Delegate
  • Have time for all areas of life
  • Clarify your values
  • Enjoy daily wow moments

Also, on Working Motherhood page, the week’s challenge is aligned with the podcast, to clarify your values in all areas of your life – family, career, finances, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual.

podcast2Your values will set up boundaries and guideposts in your life so you can easily see when you are out of line with what matters most to you. This is so important and a great lesson to pass down to your children, have some fun with this and make it a family activity.

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