What I Thank God About For the Father of My Kids

I grew up with the best dad in the world, the best dad who would take the time to take me to my first day high school, who encouraged me to be at my best at all times, who lovingly has always told me that I can sing (even if I can’t, *wink*). And so it is truly a big blessing to have met an equally kind and loving husband who does the same now for my kids. Look at what I have been meaning to write all week, below I listed just some of the things we appreciate about the dad in our house.

dadkyleThank you for childhood memories – You’ve climbed up trees with the kids, taught the boys how to swim, took them to laser tag games, joined them for Me and My Dad camps, showed up and presented for school’s “What Does my Dad do at Work”, helped build lasting memories of visiting new places, exploring beaches, and showing everyone (including myself) that it is fun and easy to travel with kids.

dadgabThank you for date days with each of the kids – Thanks for always being handy to help with Math homeworks, getting them involved with dad stuff in the house (e.g. carpentry, car wash, etc), for involving them with what you do, for playing with them, for pushing to have at least three dinners at home with the kids each week. Big thanks for showing us that being a dad means being there for them when they are ready to talk about their days.

dadsofiaThank you for taking care of the girls in the house – Thanks for showing Sofia what her identity is through the love you show me, thanks for sleeping with her and sharing things that are exclusive to just Sofie and Dad, thanks for sharing the breakfast table with the kids. Thanking God because you are not afraid to ask for a kiss or to say ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry’ to kids.

daddavidThank you for being the leader in the house – Thanks for leading us at all times how it is to love God, to wake up early and open your Bible. Thanks for opening the house to people who help us train our kids with the way they should go, for always surrounding us with people who have Godly counsel, for being a dad to other kids, for being a great and loving son yourself.  Thank you for fathering others that are never dependent with what you do, Kids teachers, Coordinator family, Amazing sisterhood and brotherhood of travelling redundance (longest group name, ever), Nova and SJDM. Ultimately, thank you for making your family your first ministry.



dadcollageHappy fathers’ day to all the dads! Watch our fathers’ day greeting here.

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