Watched Disney Magical on Ice Festival

Today was extra special because it is the day when Sofia will finally see Frozen’s princesses joining Disney on Ice. This year’s Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival is different because the growing boys (my other three kids) no longer joined us this year. But Sofia has become more excited than ever after watching Disney on Ice year after year. This year has been made more special by Mommy Bloggers Philippines treating us to frontrow seats to this year’s show. As soon as we got to the venue, you can see all imaginable Disney items. There were necklaces, hats (that come with popcorns), kids purses and even toys for the boys (saber, books, stuffed toys).rsz_1mbp_pink

The front row seats were filled with small girls wearing their Disney princesses costumes. Let me take you to the highlights of the show. The entire gang from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was there and played hosts for the entire show. But all kids gave a collective ‘wow’ when the first princess showed up on ice, Ariel. It was utmost fun to hear from Sofia singing the Little Mermaid songs she knew from the heart. Princess Ariel also gracefully danced while doing her acrobatics on a rope. It was truly magical to see her transform with feet.

Next up was Rapunzel with her long, braided hair. The lantern part gave us goosebumps with lanterns coming from ice dancers on the ground and flying low from the ceiling! We were too close to the dancers that Sofia kept on waving back at anyone who shows up on ice. Then came Belle, her love for books kept Sofia oohing and aahing for the stage filled with books! But the highlight of all is of course, Elsa and Anna. The house was filled with kids’ voices singing along with the princesses, Olaf and Kristoff, oh and Hans, too. But everytime the scene would require snow, front row seats are really filled with snow! This had kids getting up from their seats while singing, dancing and waving.
After the show, I wouldn’t miss the usual ‘what-did-you-learn-from-it-session’ with Sofia. So off we went to nearby Mcdo for it. It was encouraging to hear from Sofia the lessons she learned from this year’s Disney on Ice. She especially liked that Elsa and Anna had this special sisterly bond and love for each other, that Anna’s true love’s kiss that saved her life came from Elsa. She also believed with Ariel when Ariel started dreaming about having feet. It was also building up faith when Sofia had to say that Ariel must have prayed for feet that’s why she got them.
I do not think we will ever get tired of watching Disney on Ice. The fun it brings plus the life lessons we get to take home are memories that Sofia and I will share year after year.

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