3 Tips in Buying your Dream Car

What’s the next big thing that you want to achieve, now that you’re starting your career, and earning your own money?

received_10205392757727410.jpegDo you have a plan on how you are going to spend your hard-earned cash? Are you thinking of buying a new phone, a laptop, or a new wardrobe? While these may be tempting, for sure you are also dreaming of having your own car in the future.

The biggest question you might have is, “Kaya ko na kayang magkaroon ng sariling kotse?” Now don’t you worry because we have an answer for you! As you are earning your own money now, this could be your way to start saving up for your dream car.

And since New Year just ushered in, it would be best to add this on your bucket list this 2016! Always remember that it’s never too early to reach your dreams. So better start saving up!

“Looking for a car that matches your need and budget is an exciting experience, especially for a first-timer. Before deciding to bring home that dream car, a number of things have to be considered. Below are a few tips that may guide you, young dreamers, in making wise use of your hard-earned money to help make that dream come true,” says Pepe Carlos, VP and head of BPI Family Auto Loan Division.

Yes, at this point in your life, it may seem intimidating just thinking about how to get your own car, but with proper guidance and advice from the experts, you can make your dream come true!

Here are three tips that can help you in planning, saving up and finally bringing home that dream car.

1. Know which car is right for you. Determine what kind of car you really need. It is quite challenging, so you need to carefully study your options. Whether you’re a businessman, an architect, an engineer, a call center employee, a social media specialist, a sales and marketing executive, etc., choose the car that is best suited for your daily use.
When choosing your car, several things such as car brand, model, price, and your budget should be well thought off. You may visit http://www.bpiloans.com, a virtual car showroom, where people looking for a brand new car can view and compare the vehicles that are available in the market today. It has a comprehensive car buyer’s guide, a user-friendly auto loan calculator, an easy to use self-assessment test and a simple online application form.

2. Plan your budget well. In getting a brand new car, your budget may be the most important concern that you have to think about. You need to ask yourself, “What can I really afford?”

Before you decide on making that purchase, list down your expenses. Check out how much you spend for your daily commute; see which part of your daily/monthly budget you can cut down or save.

There are other incidental expenses related to the purchase of a car that you also need to take care of like car insurance, chattel mortgage, and registration fees, among others. Some banks offer FREE insurance for the first year, so it’s important to check what offers are out there too. You can take a portion of your mid-year bonus and other monetary incentives you’ll get to add to your savings so you can allot it for the down payment of your dream car. It is typically at least 20% of the car price.

With these penned down, you can now calculate how much your monthly amortization will be, given a certain down payment via http://www.bpiloans.com. You can take the 60-Second Online Loan Pre-Qualification tool found in the website to see if you’re already qualified to apply for BPI Family Auto Loan. It’s easy, convenient and hassle-free!

3. Ask the experts. Reach out to the experts who know about bank financing for your Auto Loan. Seek a conversation with a BPI Family Bank representative to help you make the right decision and get the best deal. You may visit any BPI branch or drop by 102 Paseo in Makati to have a chat and learn more about your options.

So what are you waiting for? Getting your dream car is possible!

Pepe Carlos concludes, “A lot of people think that the process of buying a car can be a challenging one. But as long as you are informed and prepared, it doesn’t have to be.”

With BPI Family Auto Loan, let’s make your dream happen!

Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos

I have always raved about the book “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos” authored by Lynette Lewis. Although I have read the book several years ago, all parts of it still ring true to this working mom. Also, the years have somehow given me a different perspective on each page of the book. Pretty much how you would be amazed at getting new personal message from God as you pick up and read the same passages from your Bible.


Lynette has accurately given us a picture of what moms are about, we wear different kinds of shoes for different reasons. We wear flats or even sneakers for errands, change to another pair when we get to work (one that can be worn without the public commute or the MRT crowd), then change back to something more comfy when we travel home, then change into slippers or soft soles to get us ready for the tasks at home.

It was also the book that gave me my first challenge of finding real meaning for work and from work. It has calibrated me to see that it is not always about money or bigger paycheck. It is one that allows you to juggle your other roles while delivering the best performance you can give while serving God through serving your bosses at work.

Lynette has also helped me create my purpose statement for life and work. And if you have not drafted one yet, start by answering the questions below.

1. When people explain why they want me involved or why they referred someone to me, what do they say?

2. Which of my abilities and gifts are most often noted and affirmed by my colleagues?

3. What activities bring me the most joy and satisfaction?

4. What could I be passionate about doing for the next ten years?

5. If I could have any role/position at my current organization or elsewhere, what would I do?

6. Given my life experiences, my education, and my gifts, what unique attributes set me apart from others?

Indeed, this has gotten started what I thank God for Mondays at work. It is essentially thanking God not just for workdays but also for the things that you can positively affect or change at work.


Terraz : OpenRice.Com Food Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkTerraz is becoming a sweet spot for our team at work, that it has saved us twice after a full day at work, by giving us the comfort of enjoyable food. It is convenient that it is actually on the same building where I work towards the end of week. Among the things that I like about Terraz, as well, is that it never gets into uncomfortable crowded resto that we can always find the best table where we can talk away everything funny about our work days.

So the other day, after completing back to back conference calls and performance review meets, stretching up until almost end of day, we promised to have a sumptuous and yummy lunch. I tried Florentine Beef Lasagna and I was not disappointed. I was quite surprised about the big serving, I knew I just had to share this one, except the bacon on top, of course, which was among the first ones I gobbled up.

florentinestylebeeflasagnaThe first time I visited Terraz several days prior to my lasagna experience, we just had to try all the cakes we can order. It was definitely a cheat day, as we hopped from tasting jackfruit sansrival, frozen brazo de Mercedes, Impossible Cake and three other cakes (the names escape me as I write).

terraz2I will definitely go back to taste more and have more of the quiet space we have always loved about Terraz. Going on my next blogging project: enjoy marriage, family, kids, relationships, friendships, work over food! Will be writing more food reviews I can get my hands on from the resto list from Openrice.com.

frozen brazo de mercedes








Top Christian Mom Blogs and My First iTunes Podcast Interview!

rsz_1mbp_pinkThe internet is swarming to the brim of all imaginable pages and resource links to help the nanays of our generation (it includes this writing working mom). And so, the only way you can prevent yourself from spending too many hours on the internet looking at perfect articles tailor-fit to your special mommy-needs, let me do the legwork for you and list down what for me, are the top 5 Christian Mom Blogs for the year. Please note that this ranking is based on my personal insights, according to my mommy-needs and not based on traffic, view or share rankings.

5. http://www.thesongsontheway.com/


The topics are perfect for those who have small kids/babies as author is a Christian mom to a baby daughter who writes for her blog and is writing for her first book. Topics are varied which covers breastfeeding and month on month baby milestones. I also like that the author is keeping a Thousand Thanks, she is currently on her 60th thanks as of this writing. I would have loved to complete her 2015 Mom’s photo challenge. (pictured below).


  1. http://womenlivingwell.org/


The page is aptly named, women living well and encourages all women in the world to find joy in God, in marriage, in parenting and in the home. The page currently has a series of blogs written to understand the Songs of Solomon focusing on keeping the intimacy in your marriage. She also has articles on choosing to have joy in the midst of mundane mommy tasks, what to do when your husband is not a Proverbs31 husband and glorifying God with your shopping list (yes, it is possible!). The author has countless years of leading Bible Studies and is the creator of SOAK Bible Study Method (Scripture, Observation, Application, Kneeling in Prayer).

  1. http://www.beyondsilverandgold.com/


Perfect resource page for homeschooling moms in the Philippines, as author writes and shares about an endless list of homeschooling events that are open to everyone. It even has a review of DepEd’s Alternative Learning System and Family Discipleship, the page also covers mommy-friendly events such as Zumba Marathons and seasonal meet ups such as the Magical Easter. The main topic of Beyondsilverandgold.com is to provide inspiration for homeschool families, product reviews for homeschool materials, books, places and events. It gives more than a glimpse into a Filipino family’s homeschool journey. It is written by a Christian work-at-home, homeschooling mom who multi-tasks as a homeschool mom for twelve years, a blogger, a product reviewer, an event director and a life insurance agent. This blog’s mission is to encourage homeschooling and work-at-home moms as they pursue their family and personal goals. Michelle envisions this blog to be the go-to resource for homeschool families in the years to come.

  1. http://www.ricaperalejo.ph/


Among the most viewed articles on the page are her birth delivery story, her wedding story, and mommy-friendly product reviews. This page gives us a glimpse of how the author juggles mommyhood, marriage, ministry and everything in between the interesting things she has to do week on week. It further encourages mommies like me to have that balance while ensuring not to miss the important milestones for family. Mrs. Bo surely has her readers learning with her and discovering God more in their mommyhood journey.

  1. http://thammiesy.com/


The family category on her pages are full of lesson-filled points and valid questions mommies like me should be asking. The page has a big range of relevant mommy topics covered such as: Sex as a Discipline, marriage check, the oh-so-familiar mommy-guilt and even interesting analogies like Parenting the Smart Gilas Way and Lessons from the Goose Family. It also clues us in on what God is doing in our ministry as she tells us about what happened in the Arise Conference or the National Singles Getaway in Dubai.

All of these pages have one thing in common. They all write from their hearts. Mommies really need all the help they can get. Growing in mommyhood, afterall, means growing in our relationship with God, as we see His handprint on everything we have to be concern with daily.

Feel free to bookmark any of the pages listed above or this page. Tune in to Making Working Moms Work author’s first and upcoming podcast interview due out on 22nd of August at http://www.workingmotherhood.com/podcasts/ (also available on iTunes)






Do You Skip Breakfast? My Nestle 2015 Expo Take-aways

rsz_1mbp_pinkWe all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but if you are like most people I know, breakfast time is also almost always replaced by another activity nowadays. Breakfast time has been skipped time and again to be replaced by workout time, commute to work early to avoid morning traffic, or even to take care of everyone in the house first (e.g. send kids to school, plan menu for the day or complete morning chores). Tried doing a Google search for Pinoy breakfast and images surprisingly pointed to what Nestle has been providing us day on day. Again, Nestle Philippines is proving to be steps ahead in terms of helping mommies like me never to skip breakfast again.  They are making breakfast quick, easy and healthy.



I didn’t realize until today’s Nestle Wellness expo that I have not been doing the right thing in providing nutrition to my kids. All I know is that I need to make sure there is enough warm, fresh food on the table. But Nestle’s “My Wellness Plate” (pictured above) teaches us that half the plate should be ‘glow’ foods (fruits and vegetables) and the other half should be a combination of ‘go’ foods (carbs) and ‘grow’ foods (proteins), accompanied by a healthy beverage.

advocate1 advocate2 advocate3

I surely learned a lot from meeting the new Nestle Wellness Ambassadors Dani Barretto (student, fashion and lifestyle blogger), James Younghusband (professional athlete) and Nicole Hernandez-delos Angeles (former model and now a full time mom).  It was encouraging to hear Nicole share her secrets around getting her kids to eat vegetables. I was truly convinced about getting on my next project in the kitchen.



On July8, along with the other health-conscious Filipinos, I will get on the “21 Mornings Program” that comes complete with a 21-day breakfast plan, recipes with nutrient count, wellness tips and a grocery checklist. Nestle Philippines will also be sending Wellness Breakfast Trucks for 21 mornings (details and locations of which will be listed at www.choosewellnes.com.ph). The trucks will offer free breakfast and a Nestle beverage plus free nutritional consultations.



Stay tuned for more of my improved breakfast adventure with my family. Will clue you in on the new and healthier things which will land on our breakfast table and my kids’ baon bags.


Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Zoomanity Group joins Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions event (PhilAAPA)

The leader in theme park management is undoubtedly no other than Mr. Robert Laurel Yupangco. 6 Theme Parks; Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Residence Inn, Tagaytay, Zoocolate Thrills in Loboc, Bohol, Zoocobia in Clark, Pampanga and Zootopia in Japan are the parks managed by the award winning entrepreneur aside from the other 20 more businesses he is handling; Hotels (Azotea, Residence Inn, Zoobic Lodge), Financial Services (YL Finance, Manila Express), Industrial Products (Aqua Primera Refilling Station),   Transportation (Bel Air Transport, Golf Cars, Greyhound Safari Vans),  Music & Sound Systems (Yamaha Music, Sound Publishing, Yamaha School of Music), Real Estate (YL Land, Commercial Centers), Restaurants (Nanten Japanese Restaurant inside Manila Polo Club, Misono Japanese Restaurant, Yakitori).

For this coming June 22, 2015, The Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (PhilAAPA) will have a tour operators event at Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa, Laguna with its 40 members that includes Zoomanity Group (Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Residence Inn, Paradizoo, Zoocolate Thrills and Zootopia Japan), Manila Ocean Park, Ocean Adventure, Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, Ticketworld, Mind Museum, Puzzle Mansion, Active Fun, Pixie Forest (Festival Mall) and Island Cove among other members. 

The organizers invited 500 Travel and Tour Operators with a conference about safety. The 2015 Tour Operators Day aims to unite amusement park owners and accredit/ acknowledge partners in the industry as well as Tour Operators and Bus Operators. Seminars will also be conducted to uplift the standard of the services and promotion of the tourism industry which in return, everyone will be benefited.
Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of TAG Media and Public Relations, the one in charge for marketing and branding of Zoomanity Group will also join the event. Selected participants will be going to the venue in style since they will be riding in a two decker jeepney, manufactured and produced by Mark Bautista.
For more info, please contact TAG Media and Public Relations at 09166299381 or at grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph


Lazada Philippines




Hotel Rembrant: Relive the Art of the Master

rsz_1mbp_pinkIt is Fathers’ Day this weekend and has been without helpers at home for the previous days, that the entire fambam is looking forward to resting from chores and celebrating with the man in the house. Went ahead looking for the perfect spot and came across one located at the heart of Quezon City Philippines, a unique boutique hotel that combines the essence of 17th Century European grandeur with the luxuries of the modern life. Hotel Rembrant under Artsream Hospitality Management Group Incorporated (AHMGI) is just one of 5 hotels conceptualized to relish the zest of life.


Hotel Rembrant has 71 newly appointed guest rooms with contemporary furnishings and amenities. Each rooms are equipped with Internet access, hotel electronic key lock facility, IDD/NDD telephone facility, multi lingual cable television, minibar, hot and cold shower.

According to Ritchie Lagunilla during his guesting under “Let’s Talk About Career” Radio Show at DZME 1530 with host Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, ” ..because of the patrons, AHMGI is hiring more staff and expanding. Our hotels are inspired by different artists and we’re offering the ultimate luxury and convenience with a range of facilities to satisfy every guest’s requirements.”


Heard about and looking forward to be greeted by their friendly staffs and have the guests’ coupons for the complimentary 15 minute back massage and for welcome drinks. An effort to show the tremendous services they are offering since the hotel have “VidaVerde Spa” for dermatology, cosmetic, laser, varicose veins treatment and massages.


For a nice dining experience, Hotel Rembrandt offers a hearty buffet for meryenda (snacks), dinner and breakfast at “The Lobby” to satisfy your craving for a Filipino classic dishes and a la carte choices plus match it with a wide range of drinks from cocktails to fresh juices. Opens from 6AM to 1AM. Right now because of the Summer heat, a “Halo Halo” buffet is available for only Php 150.00.

I also have my eye on visiting the other hotels from AHMGI; Le Monet Hotel Baguio, Hotel Rembrandt QC, Vitalis Resort & Spa Santiago, Ilocos Sur, Hotel Luna Vigan and Stay Lite Candon, Ilocos Sur.

For more information, contact Hotel Rembrandt at their email address, Sales@hotelrembrandt@ahmgi.com or Telephone # +6323733333 Loc 201-204 or call TAG Media and PR to 09166299381.

Visit Hotel Rembrandt at 26 Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1104, Philippines

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Joined KidZania Go! at Rockwell Tent


Do you remember the days past when a student does not get prepared for what course to take in college until your final year in highschool? Long waiting game is over because as early as childhood, your kids can be guided what they want to become and what they want to be trained for, when they grow up. This is where KidZania Manila can help mommies like me. So off we went to KidZania Go!, a sneak peak experience on what KidZania Manila has to offer. KidZania Manila is set to open soon at Bonifacio Global City.


Since the teaser event had all kids join an hourly session, the 2pm session started with gathering all of the kids to work with art materials. Kids were given crayons and coloring sheets to complete and to have the first glimpse of what KidZania is all about. What I appreciate is the teacher ratio. They assigned a significant number of teachers to help the kids go around the booths, complete the activities, sanitize hands, tie up aprons and even help mommies take pictures.


Beebop’s Gallery is where the afternoon started, with my kids handed aprons to wear, paintbrush and paint palette to use. Kids chose to paint on the walls or on the tables. My kids got busy painting a chandelier spot on the wall. Teachers handed them mini-slides to color as soon as they are done.

urbanoUrbano the scientist took them all to the Science lab. Kids sure looked so cute wearing lab gowns and gloves before proceeding with the experiment for the day. They tried their hands on mixing ink, water and oil and got a mini Science-class/explanation around the activity.


Chika who has the will to share, encouraged kids to step into her bakeshop kitchen. With hair caps and aprons in tow, kids were given ingredients to a frost-it-yourself cookie sets. With the Kidzania jingle playing, it was not too long before kids started singing along and greeting each other bye with : Zee you! as they all prep to go to the next learning area.



Now Vita, is the agriculture advocate. Kids’ hands got dirty with soil, shovel, plants and mini-watering cans. All of these while donning farmers’ hats. By the way, everything that kids got to prepare, they got to bring home, too.



Finally, it was time to meet the one who completes the KidZania team, Bache dog – and showed everyone how it is to have the will to play. All KidZania character mascots showed up onstage, sang and danced to the KidZania jingle.


Among the highlights of the day for me, was seeing my kids Gab and Sofia sign up on the KidZania Go! wall, answering the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Sofia whose love for Science was driven home by Urbano, signed her name with Doctor before it, while Gab whose love and admiration for his Daddy had to wrote Pastor Gab. KidZania committed to have more profession booths ready in time for opening this year.


Declaring God’s promise for the great future awaiting kids of today’s generation:

Psalm 103:17 ESV But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children.





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Mommy Bloggers Philippines

Joined Diva Channel’s High Heeled Warriors Talk

Women come in all shapes and sizes, women also get to play different roles, women are unique and does not conform to any stereotype, thus is the mix of women attendees on the High Heeled Warriors Talk presented by Diva Channel and Lactacyd at Rockwell Power Plant.


It was interesting to get to know Lactacyd’s High Heeled Warrior Personality: Heartwarmers, Social Sider, Passionista, Trailblazer and Peacekeeper. Fully identified with being a Heartwarmer who are known to be sociable, optimistic and content, mostly needs a wardrobe update and needs to budget for it, too.


Among the highlights of the event was hearing the speakers talk around their strengths as women movers and shakers.  My fave, of course, were the high-heeled mommy warriors Lani of Tweenselmom, Louisa of Art of Being a Mom, Joy of Joybites. They all showed us how to excel in our mommy gifting without sacrificing what we need to complete for our respective families. Also appreciated how they talked about their life adjustments to mommyhood, loving what they do – blogging, and their success story, attributed to a strong support group of mommies who all work at being the best moms in the house.


Sisters Danah and Stacy Guttierez of Plump Pinays also shared about body love and feeling flawsome. It is when you recognize that you are beautifully and wonderfully created by God with a special set of giftings (unique to each other). They help create women who do not strive to be perfect or who do not support anything that drives the wrong mindset around how women look like. These sisters helped drive home the point that it is okay to be different and it is okay to be a different size, after all, confidence comes from knowing who you are before God and what you can become out of what you do with your giftings.


Proverbs 31:26 She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. 

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What I Learned from John Feir of Pepito Manaloto

rsz_1mbp_pinkPepito Manaloto is a Philippine TV show that showcases the life of Pepito, a Lottery winner. It is a story of rags to riches that aims to entertain, inform or inspire, and has now evolved into a show that depicts sound Filipino culture. In fact, it still has its trademark snippets of culture know-how (e.g. how to save, how to invest, etc). Visited the taping location and got to spend time with its home-grown comedian John Feir and I just have to share lessons we all learned from it.


Live life simple – didn’t realize that for a comedian who has the means to buy all the top-brand cars, John Feir chooses to ride his bike daily. Yep, you heard it right, he rides his bike daily from his house to the taping location. I am sure it wasn’t because he has to, but because it is a choice he has to make. Sends a very strong message of choosing to focus and spend time, money and energy on things that last.

pepito1Living a life of joy – it only takes a minute or two before anyone realizes that John Feir is a man of both humor and joy. I am pretty sure it is not coming from whatever he does as a living, that joy is evidently displayed as soon as he greeted us and shared stories about his last visit to Laos. It was punchline after another. He went on saying his mom’s name is Anne Feir (unfair), his dad Rene Feir (repaired), and his aunt who happens to be tall Cheri Feir (Cherifer). Be ready for a laugh when he is around.

pepito3 pepito4Focusing on things that last – So when it was time to take things seriously and talk about taking the Gospel to the field, that is when you see the serious side of John. Kyle’s whole experience itself brought encouragement, faith and growth to him. John Feir is more than just a character from Pepito Manaloto. In our eyes, he has become someone who knows when to throw in a punchline and when to look at things that last with eyes of sincerity, passion and commitment.


Thanks for sharing your time with us, John Feir.

Welcome Pepito Manaloto into your home every Sunday after 24 Oras Weekend.  – See more at: GMA network

Yes, joyful are those who live like this! Joyful indeed are those whose God is the LORD. Psalm 144:15

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