Lots’ A Pizza : OpenRice.Com Review

Inside Out is just one among many animated movies that I didn’t find suitable for kids. It is probably because of the fact that emotions meant for adults to process were shown on the film as ALL valid responses to our daily lives. The movie actually created excessive times when I had to explain to my kids that responding to a negative emotion the way it was shown on the film is not always the correct way of doing so. I didn’t have to do it with other animated films but with this movie, there are just too many parts of the movie when the characters respond wrongly to negative emotions, it didn’t help that negative emotions themselves (sadness, fear and anger) are primary characters of the story. I didn’t think that Disney Pixar would leave this not sorted all throughout the end of the story.

rsz_1mbp_pinkSo, when the movie was over, it was time to find a place to eat somewhere so we can have the most important conversation with the kids. How the conversation went is an all-together different story. We ended up at Lots’ A Pizza, pocket restaurant right outside the moviehouse. What I appreciate about this pizza house is the fact that they close late, maybe to catch everyone who step out of the cinema from the late screenings. Also, the servers were interactive and kept all the kids busy while waiting for their pizza. In fact, their pizza preparation is for everyone in the resto to see. The downside to doing this though is it surely takes time to wait for the food, after all, servers wait for real time orders before they can prepare your order right infront of you. All pizza flavours Hawaiian Extreme, Hotdog Festiva and Manhattan Deluxe were all a big hit for the kids. After all, you can have any kid order their preferred pizza flavour from their menu.