A Week in the Life of a Mommy Blogger

rsz_1mbp_pinkA week is never the same for this mommy blogger. For one, this week is the post-exam week for kiddos and next week, we will welcome the long-awaited school break. This means a breather from tutorial sessions, and time for me to set up lots and lots of activities my kids can do while they are home. My eldest also welcomes the break from Science High School weekend review classes he has been attending (since May!). Ever careful not to make projects out of my kids, taking the sembreak for a slower and leisurely pace at home.

Much to my fun and amazement, my mommy blogger self was also in for a treat, as Lazada has gathered select blogger affiliates for the launch of Lazada’s biggest online affiliate competition, Affiliate Online Revolution. Ever-generous Lazada let us in on treats and surprises for all bloggers, SEO practitioners, online store owners, community managers, social media influencers and digital marketers who were present for the night at Best Western Antel Hotel.


2015-10-26 19.37.11
Learned a lot from Speaker Mannix Pabalan and from Maldive Sponsors

Another highlight for the week was this year’s Blogapalooza Seasons 2015. Partner booths were set up that included a long list of blogger perks for everyone present to take home. Also learned a lot from the bloggers forum where bloggers’ etiquette was discussed and reinforced for all attendees. Highly appreciate and thanking Blogapalooza Community for staging a lesson-filled event this year held at One Esplanade. More than the freebies and partners’ giveaways, went home with more learnings I will apply on my next posts.

2015-10-26 19.32.38To cap my day, dropped by Freeway to make good use of the gifts I got from writing about Stylist in Pocket (Freeway, Ensemble and Solo). I was so engaged after writing about Stylist in Pocket that I got my friends from work to try it, too.

Overall, it was a week to thank God for, also because ultimately, I got to spend the week with the best people from home, from my workplace, and from friendships around me.

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Who Else Wrote About My Page : Makingworkingmomswork

rsz_1mbp_pinkOvertime, my page has been out and about, and I thought I’ll do something different today. Read up and discover where else you can find and read about my page : makingworkingmomswork. But first, let me tell you how it first came out. I was always on the lookout for helpful resources for Christian working moms like myself, and I thought why don’t I write my own thoughts and start the good news going? As you know my page is a page where ‘working moms’(moms who work outside the homes) work well with parenting, marriage, family, extended family, dealing with bosses, colleagues, working at promotion. All while balancing life with the right priorities, serving God, moving according to God’s gifting and thanking Him for both blessings and life diversions.

I thank God to see similar pages who share the same passion I do about being the best moms we can be no matter what roles we play at home, at work, in our communities, in church. So read up and feel free to click any of the links below that make up my online thumbprints.

Working Motherhood Podcast

Just imagine my excitement when I got invited by Dr. Portia to do a podcast interview on Clarifying Your Values.

After listening to the podcast interview, you will learn how to:

  • Take time to sit in peace
  • Add beauty to all situations (a.k.a. a butterfly working mom)
  • Delegate
  • Have time for all areas of life
  • Clarify your values
  • Enjoy daily wow moments

Also, on Working Motherhood page, the week’s challenge is aligned with the podcast, to clarify your values in all areas of your life – family, career, finances, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual.


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Mommy Bloggers Philippines

Yummy Magazine, the country’s number 1 food magazine, gave everyone a delightful whole-day food affair with Yummy-approved concessionaires at the Trinoma Activity Center in Q.C.

“Had a blast of fun filling my plate that towards the end of it, I had a long list of baon options to take home to my kids.”

Victory’s Running Pastor : Run50 – FerdieCabiling.com.ph

My husband and I have always been encouraged by this man’s strength in evangelism and leadership. As a family, we stand with him in supporting Real Life Foundation scholars through Run50.

Shop ‘Til You Blog – A Lifestyle Blogger Mixer

Blogger Mommy Rackell writes: As soon as I arrived in the place, the staff of Lazada Philippines gave me freebies from the generous sponsors and ushered me to the function room. The room was filled with sponsors, nice table set-up and scrumptious food. I was so happy that through this event I was able to meet new found friends – Mommy Maricel (The Dreamer Mom) and Mommy Lorly (Making Working Mom Works).

Art of Being a Mom – Diva High Heeled Warriors’ Talk




Blogger Lhyzzie Bongon writes: The launch was held at Chateau 1771, Greenbelt 5 together with other mommy bloggers in a Tea Party set up in celebration of health and wellness.  I’m honored to met the Philcare Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Patty Henson. She very accommodating to everyone and make sure were okay.

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