Dekada : OpenRice.Com Review


If you are driving towards Ayala Fairview Terraces, the first thing you see are the bright lit wall of Dekada restaurant. If you are on the lookout for a quiet nook, it has its own walkway and not too much foot traffic around it. It is also connected to Wellworth ground floor and offers additional quiet space if you want to dine al fresco. Dekada offers a meryenda buffet served daily from 2pm to 6pm for only Php200.00, yep, it is eat-all-you-can for all your favourite Pinoy meryenda specialties.


It is when you are starting to feel the Christmassy cold afternoons and I just went straight to the buffet table and had a big serving of arroz caldo with hard boiled egg. It was so tasty, I didn’t need to put any condiment on it. It may be a weird combination but I followed it with traditional pansit. Would have loved it warmer, nevertheless, I super enjoyed it I finished off the entire plate over tastier conversation with friends.


Remembering Manila days when one can step out of the house and have your pick from a long list of meryenda options. This list always includes turon. Interestingly, I paired it with palitaw with a generous amount of sugar. Not a big fan of niyog, so I helped myself to sugar instead. They also serve brown or muscovado sugar.

20151110_162228 20151110_152923(0) 20151110_152931Then you can move on to their dinuguan and puto. Just take the time to scoop not too many pork bits. Other varieties on the table? There is their ginataang mais and halo halo.

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Saramsam : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkWith 7,107 islands to choose from in the tropical country of the Philippines, it makes sense to get kids started early with traveling. However, most parents get intimidated with taking their brood to transport transfers, car/plane rides or the thought of serving them whatever local food available. So travel we must, took kids to Caramoan Islands, Polillo Island, Baguio tour and recently, took an Ilocos tour with kids and family. Read on as I pick up on where I left off with my food review adventure while travelling with kids around Ilocos.


Saramsam Restaurant is best known for their bagnet, pinakbet and pansit. Kids enjoyed these with rice. But the first thing that greets you when you get there is the old feel of the resto. It brings you back to a time when all we had were calesas on the cobbled streets and all we wore were barong at saya. My nieces and nephews vacationing from overseas had most fun taking pictures around the resto interiors and of course, not missing out on the Pinoy food they have missed so much.
Iced tea flavor may be too strong for kids, though. Serve them chilled fruit juice or serve them water/soda (like we did).

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