Amici : OpenRice.Com Review


So there is this restaurant that is aptly named for its ambience, Amici, which means ‘friends’ in English, really gives off that perfect backdrop for conversations with friends. I am a pasta lover and one does not need to be in Italy to try that authentic Italian yummy pasta taste we have all grown to love. I do not certainly need violinists around me or a gondola. All I need is the taste of al dente pasta and my cravings for it is instantly satisfied. When do I usually give in to this cravings? Yep, at least once a week.





We actually ended the previous week at the workplace with ordered food from Amici and I certainly enjoyed the seafood pasta and the chocolate gelato! But I just had to try their food straight out of their kitchen.  And so as much as I always shoot first before eating, my friends have come to love the fact that if we go together, we should be ordering different plates. Thanking God for food buddies! I am certainly now raving about Penne Rosa and Bacon. Penne made more interesting with Italian bacon flavoring. In love about classic spaghetti? Go for Linguine Fantastico Pasta and you will never look at a classic-looking Amici spaghetti again. Bon appetit!

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Il Padrino : OpenRice.Com Review


How Il Padrino Coffee came to be is an interesting story. It came out of the owner’s need to find the perfect nook to sip his Cafe Americano while working from nearby Fairview area. Unfortunately, he found none. And so he went on setting up one. Il Padrino for me, has been a repeat venue for everything imaginable, catch up with friends, seminar, celebrations and for last night, bridal shower. Since the bride herself has not been around the Philippines for the past year, we all welcomed the Pinoy style Italian fare we have come to love. Shower organizer booked the private room on the second floor which can seat up to 30 people. Since booking this room comes with a consumable cost, we opted to try their group packages. That gives me more option to try everything on the table. Yep, the key is to get small-sized sampling of each so you can sample everything served.


First plate stop, Meat Feast Pizza, it was served warm which is the best part. Cheesy peasy, loved every part of the pizza, including the crunchy crust.


The shower started at 7pm so it was perfect to try Roasted Garlic Chicken for dinner. Not a big fan of garlic but the girls made sure no piece of chicken is left on the plate. The chicken made wonders with the sauce, or was it the sauce that made wonders to the chicken? Doesn’t matter, it was gone in no time.


Bangus Cordon Bleu, yep, Pinoy style cordon bleu. It was tasty that it was passed around the table so everyone can have a taste. Pinoy’s behaviour of leaving one piece untouched didn’t happen because everyone gamely finished off every morsel on the plate.


If you find the consumable food cost too much for what you ordered, you may opt to take home the rest of the sweet treats equal to whatever amount will complete your consumable food cost.


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