Serenitea : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkFood spots have always had stories and relevance with my relationships and friendships. Serenitea has been a constant food spot with my work friends. If you are a milk-tea lover like me, I am sure you have gotten creative with adding milk tea concoctions over the most sumptuous and delish food. Long before I have discovered wintermelon milk tea with Yakult, mine has always been classic wintermelon milk tea. These milk tea always come with pearls, but I usually order it with full sugar, and with nata de coco add-ons. Also, I never take my milk tea with a lid, I like it machine-sealed. That way, part of the milk tea experience is putting my hand on the Jumbo glass and shaking it well before I sip. I know that milk tea has received bad rap because of bad news but milk tea has never ceased to satisfy my cravings.


Over catch up conversations, it is common to see us gulping down peppered tofu or pepper corn. Just go easy on chilli and if you are sharing with friends, make sure you set aside your portion because their chilli can give quite a punch. If you are ready for heavier dish, you can go for chicken chops. Just be conscious of what you are taking in, it is served with sticks you can use to eat, helping yourself to it becomes so easy, you can lose track of the amount of food you take in.

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