Mister Kabab : OpenRice.Com Review


Everyone must have known by now that there is a Mister Kabab restaurant in Ayala Fairview Terraces. Back in the late 90’s, there was just one Mister Kabab restaurant located in West Avenue corner Quezon Avenue. It is a Persian restaurant that serves unique food. I remember lining up for a queue that stretches right outside along the road because there was just so many people who want to visit and eat. It is the same flavour that everyone has known to enjoy and the eating experience is even better. Because the other branches we have tried (Technohub and Fairview Terraces) both offer airconditioned rooms. Their kitchen seem to be different, too. I remember the first branch was not airconditioned because the kitchen vents out the smoke right inside the resto. It makes people hungrier smelling the food. The mall branches may not have this but it has the same yummy flavour that we always crave for.


We will never let the day pass without ordering our Mister Kabab fave Keema (beef with special Persian flavour) and we usually put white sauce that goes with it. This is perfect for buttered rice (they used to serve it with more butter instead of the current’s pinch of butter on plain rice). You may opt to have keema with pita bread instead of rice. My husband enjoys it with chilli sauce, too. I enjoy my meal better with mango shake.




Till the next meal!

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