Fantasia Cafe : OpenRice.Com Review


It is fun to have started a food review journey as a blogger. I get to hop from one restaurant to the next, while making sure that my taste buds are sharp and on the lookout for the best taste that a resto can offer. I am officially calling the rest of September as ‘Tastier September’. So come with me as I lead you to a longer option of food destinations in the Philippines. Today’s food focus is Fantasia Cafe in Ayala Fairview Terraces.

20150917_115022I am a big pizza lover and so it makes sense to try their Four Cheese Pizza. It has a fermented cheese taste that most Pinoys love, what I loved about it is the thin crust that comes with it, it is not like any other pizza that is too much crust or the other extreme: crust is too thin you cannot even feel the crust anymore. It is just perfect for pizza lovers like myself.

20150917_115452I dined with two other friends who are the best people to eat with when I visited Fantasia Cafe, ordered and tried their Vegetable Quesadilla which is a hit for its four choices of dips. We went for lunch and surprised for the crisp and fresh quesadilla bread, it must not be the spare bread from the previous day!

20150917_115435Also tried the Carbonara, it was served on extra-ordinarily big plate, perfect for their huge table space but we had to ask for smaller plates for a more comfortable dining experience.


Drinks are refreshing, Mango juice, Red Tea and chocolate shake. The flavoured shakes are taller than your usual. It is almost double the size of your regular-sized water glass.

20150917_114243Overall, it was a delicious and unique lunch at work. Try the same experience when you visit Fantasia Cafe.

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