Bridal Shower with Freeway and Ensembles Home-Service-Stylists

rsz_1mbp_pinkThis is no ordinary bridal shower. It is unique in every way, partnering with an emerging fashion concept of home-service styling and shopping, Stylist in Pocket with top Philippine brands Freeway, Ensemble and Solo, two stylists Blends and Tess helped me and the girls get styled appropriately for work and for everyday wear.

As soon as the racks of clothes arrived, the girls started trooping to the dresses and tops, and like how you would do it at shops, the girls checked out the dresses, coats, tops, maxi dresses and even belts off the racks. The shower coordinator decided to have the stylists as first activity for the night. Even before the girls finished off food on their dinner plates, some have already decided to check the clothes racks.





Then it was time to try on the dresses. The bride happily modelled the dresses for us and since this was technically her night, we all had utmost fun choosing which ones will look best on her. In less time, more of the girls chimed in to try and pose with the clothes.



Another highlight was listening to the stylists share fool-proof practical fashion tips to remember to ensure we keep ourselves relevantly styled for work or for everyday errands. Learned along with the girls on how to accurately wear jumpsuits, stripes, dresses with different cuts and different patterns. Also took home tips I can follow around choosing the perfect neckline, hem cut and even what can work for my body shape.

20151001_201805 20151001_201240I will definitely host one again, after all, things like these are best done with friendships and best done over meaningful celebrations.



Interested to try it or to host one for your family, friends or colleagues? Drop me an email at


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