A Quick Look at Unboxing for Blog Reviews


A blogger’s writing journey and responsibilities can be daunting and can even be taxing, at times. What keeps me from writing? I write about everything I believe in. My page has evolved from telling about my journey as a working mom, has evolved into covering the joys of parenting, health, wellness, travel and food. It is a blessing to be able to join several bloggers’ events created for kids. It is surprising to experience the support from other consumers and even from brands that make mommyhood a fun season to have. My comments list is a testament to how readers perceive what my pages contain. It is my hope that you (readers and fellow bloggers) will continue to be with me as I continue to unbox all throughout my blogger’s life.

Trying something different today as I list down valuable things I have learned, whether from unboxing or from knowing what to accurately do with sponsors’ giveaways.




Write Your Reviews and Publish them on Time! Whether you are a seasoned blogger or planning to have your own soon, remember that these items have been sent in confidence that you, as a blogger, can write down what you have truthfully discovered about using them. I usually have my entire family try them all, if appropriate, or my friends’ if necessary. I remember giving away a pair of jeans just because they are tad too small for me! Or sending someone in my behalf to a food tasting event and even to Zoobic Safari review, just make sure you let whoever you sent help you with the unbiased review. Most importantly, publish the reviews the soonest time possible. It doesn’t make sense to receive items today and then write about them a month or two after, you run the risk of forgetting the details of your experience plus run the risk of missing your deadlines.



Sign up for Items you truly believe in – it is so easy to commit the mistake of signing up for just about anything. I remember receiving a movie review task for a film I wouldn’t watch with personal time and with personal money. My page has become a collection of what makes up my mommy choices and I am sure as a consumer, you wouldn’t stock up your cupboard with anything you would never use up in your kitchens. Everything you see on this page is a reflection of my values and advocacies.


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What Eats up Your Blogger Time? An event is not just an event when you need to write about it. An event takes the form of work and work comes with responsibilities. Be responsible about choosing what events/campaigns to join, and be responsible about writing them. So if you do not share the belief that a brand’s event advocates, you will just find it difficult to write about it, so make sure the campaigns you opt in are indeed part of the things you will promote with or without your blog as a platform.

And also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor–it is the gift of God. Ecclesiastes 3: 13

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