Zensibilities Day Spa – Anniversary Promo


On February 15, 2015 marks Zensibilities Day Spa’s first year of operation. Inviting everyone to come by to celebrate their 1ST ANNIVERSARY.

Zensibilities Day Spa will be giving out FREEBIES to the first 10 clients tomorrow, February 15 plus a lot of surprise PROMOS every hour for the whole day. 

Please reserve early before all slots get taken. See you there on Sunday.

For reservation, please call:


or visit https://www.facebook.com/zensibilitiesdayspa/timeline?ref=page_internal


Mommy Bloggers Philippines

No More “Hearts’ Day Hurts“ Day

Flower shops/kiosks mushrooming at every corner, chocolates sales all over the place, date movies showing, long list of concert options, even hot air balloon festivals! Valentine’s Day has evolved over time and with the commercial scene getting creative year after year, I’m sure there will be new things to do by Valentine’s Day 2016.

Take a closer look with me. What’s up for Valentine 2015? Then look through them through the thought balloon of a working mom.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines

Working Mom to Single Women : Want to Meet Mr. Right? Pray to be Ms. Right!

Valentine’s Day is never exclusive to those who are in relationships. In fact, it should be an opportunity to look at the Godly friendships you have. Do not expect to have a Godly marriage any other way, other than through Godly friendships. So never commit the mistake of skipping maintaining friendships. However, do not go to the other extreme of keeping a potential-husband-scorecard for all of your guy friends. Friendship should provide an avenue of allowing your real self to show and knowing your guy friends without his best-foot-forward-attitude. Flashback to Jerry McGuire’s: “You complete me” moment. Never miss the fact that your being complete does not depend on and will never depend on your future spouse. God is the only one who can prepare your heart and your character to be complete. It is when you are complete with God that you become Ms. Right. And when you have become Ms. Right, then it is perfect time to meet whoever God has reserved to be your Mr. Right. You never know, the friend you have had for several years now may be the Mr. Right God has, waiting for you. So before you plan to orchestrate a mushy moment with your guy best friend at the Martin, Regine, Gary, Lani Ultimate Concert, be your real self who gets confidence from knowing what God is capable of doing with your future marriage.


Working Mom to Single Moms: Finding Someone who Loves God more than He does Love you

May sound unfair from the world’s view but it is only through loving God that everything else that needs to be fixed, gets fixed by God (not by you). Because if a man loves God, he will automatically be the best provider for your family, he knows that everything belongs to God and he will make a good steward of what he has been given. If a man loves God, he will automatically make a best dad to your kids, because his parenting will be coming from the heart and will never be just an obligation to pick up. If a man loves God, he will automatically be the man of your dreams because he knows that love and respect is what you need and is on a lifelong project of pursuing you. You will never go wrong with a man who loves God above all. So grow your relationship with God, with your children, with your family, with your career(or studies), watch Tangled with your kids and pay attention as Eugene quotes: “She is a Princess worth waiting for”.

Working Mom to Self: Love is a Decision

Frozen’s Princess Anna’s “Love is an Open Door” may just very well be that, a catchy song. Definitely, not all open doors will lead you to love. If it will, then your love story will be reduced to a string of trial and error experience, breakups and heartaches. Tiring Valentine’s day after another. Love is a decision you make with a covenant with God, after all, there is no perfect marriage. And if you develop the habit of quitting at the slightest hint of difficulty in marriage, then you may very well have given up on trusting God for what He can do over your marriage. Do not start the vicious cycle of jumping from one imperfect marriage to the next imperfect marriage, mistakenly searching for a perfect marriage or a perfect spouse who does not exist. The only way to juggle everything going on with family, house, work, finances, parenting, etc. is to know and value which things will last and which won’t. You can always be at a Valentine dinner all throughout the year. A Valentine’s date is not just a moment you can only have on February 14, but only an expression of what you’ve always had in your marriage for a lifetime. Never equate the size of a bouquet of flowers to how much your spouse loves you, or the cost of the dinner date as a test of how far he will go to show you that he loves you. Sure, these are all good things and if you have Valentine dates as staples in your marriage, make sure it doesn’t define the level of love in your marriage but as an expression of celebration of love and a display of the same unconditional love you have received from God.


Lastly, Valentine’s Day is also a family day. Whether single, married or a single mom, you can always spend a day or a night of love with your family. This is what Pyromusicals are for, a movie night at home, or an entertaining, singing telegram to kids. That’s kissing “Hearts’ Day Hurts” Day goodbye, for good.

Feel free to comment below about what you will do on Valentine’s Day 2015.