Cold Stone Creamery : OpenRice.Com Review


Coming off from a Saturday outreach activity, we all opted to go for ice cream. There were a couple of ice cream shops just right outside our workplace and we went with Cold Stone Creamery’s airconditioned spot, the other one serves ice cream but you will need to eat it bistro style sans AC.





Right at the door, this ice cream shop is hard to miss with their staff dancing with choreographed steps with the menus on their hands. As soon as you step in, you will get the best attention as they give you all the information you will need to make it the best ice cream experience for you. That is not enough, to add to the fun, you can either choose to watch how they make your ice cream (these ice cream staff will give your dancing bartenders a run for their money). They also randomly ask their customers to catch your scoop of ice cream on your cup/cone! (my Gab surely enjoyed this on our previous visit).

Based on my Pinoy serving, I find the waffle servings small, so I went with Cheesecake fantasy on their biggest cup and I asked that the waffle be served on a separate cup instead. My friends all did the same! It was the best waffle dipped in ice cream experience of strawberries, and a generous amount of Graham crackers plus cheesecake.

My friends also got creative with theirs, one with three different caramel scoops in one cup: salted caramel, banana caramel crunch and chocolate caramel and the other with Chocolate devotion.

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