Marriott Garden Cafe : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkThe first thing that greets you at Marriott’s Hotel’s breakfast resto Garden Cafe is their varied options for food. I am always thankful for free breakfast from hotel bookings. For sure, Marriott hotel will not be known as the preferred hotel from visitors around the world for nothing. Nearest to the entrance is their salad station, with various greens and toppings to choose from. They also have mixed toppings ready with flavoured sauce.

20151125_154637As soon as you walk in, servers ask for your preferred spot, sit you, and asks you a series of questions anytime they feel you need anything (not in an annoying, bothersome way). So we chose a spot that is quiet and asked for coffee. Tables are automatically served with a good amount of milk. Since the Garden cafe is on the same floor as the lobby/reception, whatever music you have from it is shared with the cafe’s. There was Thanksgiving night with a twist, because the Pinoy choir from the lobby sang right next to the gigantic Christmas tree. It is thanksgiving added with a Pinoy flavour.

20151126_06174720151126_06125920151126_06224420151125_151502marriott2marriott1For our breakfast, I went for the safe fare of crispy bacon, rice, and ham. All my meat favourite dishes are also served on heat, keeping it fresh and refilled until breakfast ends at 10am.

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Newest Pizza Hut Branch is Now Open!

rsz_1mbp_pinkI remember Cubao as the spot where we always used to go as kids during Christmas season. Because this was where Fiesta Carnival and Christmas on Display (COD) were. Cubao for me, brings up memories of sitting on my dad’s shoulders just so I can have the best view of the COD. Cubao has changed and improved a lot since then. Landmarks have been springing up left and right and Pizza Hut is the newest addition to it, located at the Kia Theater, from the location of the former New Frontier Theater, beside Gateway Mall Araneta (see OpenSnap review here).

But why will I go all the way to Cubao when there is always the nearest Pizza Hut everywhere I go? Because there is a specific set of Pizza Hut yummies that are served only at Pizza Hut Kia Theatre, such as baby back ribs with sides, the monster burger, pork steak barbecue, chunky beef burrito and stuffed Hungarian sausage, just to name a few.










For some reason, even the ambience is different from your usual Pizza Hut, it is most likely because of the wide flooring, comfortable sofa, bar lounge, two spacious floors, very large seating capacity, plenty of lighting, lively murals (Instagram-ready), combined with the usual warm, sincere and friendly service that we have always known from Pizza Hut.




If you are a student, no need to worry about the budget because everything that makes this branch special does not mean extra cost. In fact, there are Hut Feasts you can choose from, if you are budget-conscious but still want to spend time with family and friends over pizza.



Definitely went home with more than just pizza in tow. Adding this to the list of perfect spaces I can use for quality conversation over good food.

Pizza Hut Kia Theater is open from 7am to 11pm daily.

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Do You Skip Breakfast? My Nestle 2015 Expo Take-aways

rsz_1mbp_pinkWe all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but if you are like most people I know, breakfast time is also almost always replaced by another activity nowadays. Breakfast time has been skipped time and again to be replaced by workout time, commute to work early to avoid morning traffic, or even to take care of everyone in the house first (e.g. send kids to school, plan menu for the day or complete morning chores). Tried doing a Google search for Pinoy breakfast and images surprisingly pointed to what Nestle has been providing us day on day. Again, Nestle Philippines is proving to be steps ahead in terms of helping mommies like me never to skip breakfast again.  They are making breakfast quick, easy and healthy.



I didn’t realize until today’s Nestle Wellness expo that I have not been doing the right thing in providing nutrition to my kids. All I know is that I need to make sure there is enough warm, fresh food on the table. But Nestle’s “My Wellness Plate” (pictured above) teaches us that half the plate should be ‘glow’ foods (fruits and vegetables) and the other half should be a combination of ‘go’ foods (carbs) and ‘grow’ foods (proteins), accompanied by a healthy beverage.

advocate1 advocate2 advocate3

I surely learned a lot from meeting the new Nestle Wellness Ambassadors Dani Barretto (student, fashion and lifestyle blogger), James Younghusband (professional athlete) and Nicole Hernandez-delos Angeles (former model and now a full time mom).  It was encouraging to hear Nicole share her secrets around getting her kids to eat vegetables. I was truly convinced about getting on my next project in the kitchen.



On July8, along with the other health-conscious Filipinos, I will get on the “21 Mornings Program” that comes complete with a 21-day breakfast plan, recipes with nutrient count, wellness tips and a grocery checklist. Nestle Philippines will also be sending Wellness Breakfast Trucks for 21 mornings (details and locations of which will be listed at The trucks will offer free breakfast and a Nestle beverage plus free nutritional consultations.



Stay tuned for more of my improved breakfast adventure with my family. Will clue you in on the new and healthier things which will land on our breakfast table and my kids’ baon bags.


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