Manila Pavilion Hotel’s Chinese New Year

Hang tight 2016, Chinese New Year at Manila Pavilion Hotel
Let the Lunar New Year pace in gracefully at acclaimed dining outlets of Manila Pavilion Hotel as you celebrate new beginnings and round off the successful year behind. Reward your loved ones with Manila Pavilion’s well known Oriental dinner buffet feast as our newly appointed Executive Chef Giovanni Sias redefines buffet focusing on quality and freshness. A decadent Chinese New Year and Spring Dinner temptations await.



A spread of luxurious dim sum stunners, noodles representing long life and have an exchange of Nian gao (tikoy) would certainly entice your family get-together for Php 1200 nett, Friday and Saturday, 6PM-10:30pm and Sunday Brunch from 10am to 2PM.

Throw a memorable family reunion and mark your 2015 achievements with a feast of sumptuous buffet spread. Treat your friends and family to auspicious dishes presented with a signature contemporary twist for a season of luck and prosperity.

The dinner buffet spread offer a true splendor of oriental favorites for Php 1200 nett on February 8, 2016 at 6PM and be welcomed with a the traditional Lion and Dragon Dance, Coin Shower and enjoy delectable goodies.
For further information or to make a reservation, please call Manila Pavilion Hotel on (632) 5261212 or message via Facebook. Alternatively, bookings can be made online Like or Follow @WaterfrontMNL for regular updates.

Chika-an Sa Cebu : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkThere are five things I loved about Chika-an sa Cebu. Eversince I have started this food project for, I didn’t realize I have developed a different taste for food and a different take on the places we visit. Now my mind easily associates flavours and taste with any spot in the Philippines. Today’s food experience is no different.

20151125_180408#5 Unlimited Rice

If you are ready to go for sumptuous dinner with unlimited rice, just like how Pinoys love their dinner, Chika-an sa Cebu gets this correctly. Their initial serving of rice is, I will have to say, a very big serving of rice, it is so surprising to know that unlike all other restos who offer unlimited rice and scoops the rice off a bucket, they leave you a big bowl of rice on your table that they refill unlimited.

20151125_140242#4 Unlimited Drinks

Their unlimited drinks do not taste like they had more water than tea. Also, all servers proactively ask and offer to refill your glass as soon as you drink half of it.

20151125_183412#3 Soups are served Hot

Their Sinigang na Shrimp has the ultimate Pinoy flavour, shrimp size is bigger than usual and count is also generous, says a lot about seafood fare that Cebu can offer.

20151125_183419#2 Baked Oysters are the Best

Served yummier with cheese and special flavour. This dish is certainly rice-friendly, you know how some dishes would unconsciously push you to eat more rice with it? This is that type of baked oysters.

#1 Cebu Food Experience

Cebu food experience is never complete without the flair from everything around you. All servers are clad in Pinoy costumes, makes you think they can do folk dances anytime. Their birthday surprise song is also different from Manila’s, it was really surprising and kinda worked like a mini-flash mob prod.

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Lots’ A Pizza : OpenRice.Com Review

Inside Out is just one among many animated movies that I didn’t find suitable for kids. It is probably because of the fact that emotions meant for adults to process were shown on the film as ALL valid responses to our daily lives. The movie actually created excessive times when I had to explain to my kids that responding to a negative emotion the way it was shown on the film is not always the correct way of doing so. I didn’t have to do it with other animated films but with this movie, there are just too many parts of the movie when the characters respond wrongly to negative emotions, it didn’t help that negative emotions themselves (sadness, fear and anger) are primary characters of the story. I didn’t think that Disney Pixar would leave this not sorted all throughout the end of the story.

rsz_1mbp_pinkSo, when the movie was over, it was time to find a place to eat somewhere so we can have the most important conversation with the kids. How the conversation went is an all-together different story. We ended up at Lots’ A Pizza, pocket restaurant right outside the moviehouse. What I appreciate about this pizza house is the fact that they close late, maybe to catch everyone who step out of the cinema from the late screenings. Also, the servers were interactive and kept all the kids busy while waiting for their pizza. In fact, their pizza preparation is for everyone in the resto to see. The downside to doing this though is it surely takes time to wait for the food, after all, servers wait for real time orders before they can prepare your order right infront of you. All pizza flavours Hawaiian Extreme, Hotdog Festiva and Manhattan Deluxe were all a big hit for the kids. After all, you can have any kid order their preferred pizza flavour from their menu.


Newest Pizza Hut Branch is Now Open!

rsz_1mbp_pinkI remember Cubao as the spot where we always used to go as kids during Christmas season. Because this was where Fiesta Carnival and Christmas on Display (COD) were. Cubao for me, brings up memories of sitting on my dad’s shoulders just so I can have the best view of the COD. Cubao has changed and improved a lot since then. Landmarks have been springing up left and right and Pizza Hut is the newest addition to it, located at the Kia Theater, from the location of the former New Frontier Theater, beside Gateway Mall Araneta (see OpenSnap review here).

But why will I go all the way to Cubao when there is always the nearest Pizza Hut everywhere I go? Because there is a specific set of Pizza Hut yummies that are served only at Pizza Hut Kia Theatre, such as baby back ribs with sides, the monster burger, pork steak barbecue, chunky beef burrito and stuffed Hungarian sausage, just to name a few.










For some reason, even the ambience is different from your usual Pizza Hut, it is most likely because of the wide flooring, comfortable sofa, bar lounge, two spacious floors, very large seating capacity, plenty of lighting, lively murals (Instagram-ready), combined with the usual warm, sincere and friendly service that we have always known from Pizza Hut.




If you are a student, no need to worry about the budget because everything that makes this branch special does not mean extra cost. In fact, there are Hut Feasts you can choose from, if you are budget-conscious but still want to spend time with family and friends over pizza.



Definitely went home with more than just pizza in tow. Adding this to the list of perfect spaces I can use for quality conversation over good food.

Pizza Hut Kia Theater is open from 7am to 11pm daily.

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Cyma : OpenRice.Com Review

Remembering my previous work days when I used to be part of Training and Development. My Trainer-Journey took me to different places and allowed me to work with differently interesting and amazing group of people. It was because of Training that I got stuck in a TV network’s building while Ondoy hits Manila and I was unknowingly running a training session from their building’s 17th floor. It was because of Training that I got to tour around the Bicol region while I ran three-day workshop for Tiwi District 6 public school teachers. Today is no different as I go back to my first love : Training. What better way to do it than to do it with my husband/pastor and run a workshop on Purpose for a leading corp recruitment group in Eastwood.

We always come out the ones learning everytime I teach with my husband. To cap off the night, we (my husband, myself and our wedding inaanak, yes we have several at our age!) thought we just need to celebrate what we have learned off tonight’s workshop. We needed somewhere special and quiet : Cyma Eastwood. Upto this day, I am not sure if Greek is the same as your Persian or your Mediterranean dishes (me and my non-connoisseur self). Whether there is a difference or none, the food did not fail to satisfy my taste buds. Greek Osso Bucco Beef shank certainly looks like your regular birthday spaghetti fare but it is made Greeky special with Greek tomato sauce and bucatini pasta. Serving was so huge I had to share some with my husband. Their greens salad was both yummy and healthy with their Roca Salata which came complete with lettuce, arugula (roka), tomatoes and walnuts. Skolatina (molten chocolate cake served with a scoop of flavoured ice cream) capped the night for us. It was a double date worth remembering.