Watched Disney Magical on Ice Festival

Today was extra special because it is the day when Sofia will finally see Frozen’s princesses joining Disney on Ice. This year’s Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival is different because the growing boys (my other three kids) no longer joined us this year. But Sofia has become more excited than ever after watching Disney on Ice year after year. This year has been made more special by Mommy Bloggers Philippines treating us to frontrow seats to this year’s show. As soon as we got to the venue, you can see all imaginable Disney items. There were necklaces, hats (that come with popcorns), kids purses and even toys for the boys (saber, books, stuffed toys).rsz_1mbp_pink

The front row seats were filled with small girls wearing their Disney princesses costumes. Let me take you to the highlights of the show. The entire gang from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was there and played hosts for the entire show. But all kids gave a collective ‘wow’ when the first princess showed up on ice, Ariel. It was utmost fun to hear from Sofia singing the Little Mermaid songs she knew from the heart. Princess Ariel also gracefully danced while doing her acrobatics on a rope. It was truly magical to see her transform with feet.

Next up was Rapunzel with her long, braided hair. The lantern part gave us goosebumps with lanterns coming from ice dancers on the ground and flying low from the ceiling! We were too close to the dancers that Sofia kept on waving back at anyone who shows up on ice. Then came Belle, her love for books kept Sofia oohing and aahing for the stage filled with books! But the highlight of all is of course, Elsa and Anna. The house was filled with kids’ voices singing along with the princesses, Olaf and Kristoff, oh and Hans, too. But everytime the scene would require snow, front row seats are really filled with snow! This had kids getting up from their seats while singing, dancing and waving.
After the show, I wouldn’t miss the usual ‘what-did-you-learn-from-it-session’ with Sofia. So off we went to nearby Mcdo for it. It was encouraging to hear from Sofia the lessons she learned from this year’s Disney on Ice. She especially liked that Elsa and Anna had this special sisterly bond and love for each other, that Anna’s true love’s kiss that saved her life came from Elsa. She also believed with Ariel when Ariel started dreaming about having feet. It was also building up faith when Sofia had to say that Ariel must have prayed for feet that’s why she got them.
I do not think we will ever get tired of watching Disney on Ice. The fun it brings plus the life lessons we get to take home are memories that Sofia and I will share year after year.

write from your own heart, hear from your conversations with God, and it will quiet your fears and it will grant you 200% peace to be joyful at all times.



Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos

I have always raved about the book “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos” authored by Lynette Lewis. Although I have read the book several years ago, all parts of it still ring true to this working mom. Also, the years have somehow given me a different perspective on each page of the book. Pretty much how you would be amazed at getting new personal message from God as you pick up and read the same passages from your Bible.


Lynette has accurately given us a picture of what moms are about, we wear different kinds of shoes for different reasons. We wear flats or even sneakers for errands, change to another pair when we get to work (one that can be worn without the public commute or the MRT crowd), then change back to something more comfy when we travel home, then change into slippers or soft soles to get us ready for the tasks at home.

It was also the book that gave me my first challenge of finding real meaning for work and from work. It has calibrated me to see that it is not always about money or bigger paycheck. It is one that allows you to juggle your other roles while delivering the best performance you can give while serving God through serving your bosses at work.

Lynette has also helped me create my purpose statement for life and work. And if you have not drafted one yet, start by answering the questions below.

1. When people explain why they want me involved or why they referred someone to me, what do they say?

2. Which of my abilities and gifts are most often noted and affirmed by my colleagues?

3. What activities bring me the most joy and satisfaction?

4. What could I be passionate about doing for the next ten years?

5. If I could have any role/position at my current organization or elsewhere, what would I do?

6. Given my life experiences, my education, and my gifts, what unique attributes set me apart from others?

Indeed, this has gotten started what I thank God for Mondays at work. It is essentially thanking God not just for workdays but also for the things that you can positively affect or change at work.


Visited Zoocobia

rsz_1mbp_pinkZoocobia, run and managed by Zoomanity Group, has always been a family destination we have always planned to visit. Just by the name itself, we knew that we will be up for fun time and a day of adventure with animals. But we definitely got more than a visit to the zoo. For one, the zoo boasts of highly interactive animals, and the zoo offered the most natural protected home for them. Read up as I share how educational and fun our family experience was. Travel did not disappoint because we took SCTEX on our way to Zoocobia. No heavy traffic in sight, and since we left early, all kids slept almost all throughout travel time.


The first thing that greets you when you get into Zoocobia are the picture boards. Right from the start of the trip, the kids were all game posing around the picture boards and going goofy around them. A Zoocobia tour guide meet all visitors at this area, your tour guide is key to your educational and fun experience within Zoocobia. Glad to have been assigned one that did not rush around the place but took the time to explain everything in sight and answered all my curious kids’ questions.

20151129_09032420151129_090252The Menagerie is a unique collection of stuffed real animals, yep, real animals stuffed for kids to explore, all preserved by Zoocobia taxidermists. It was also a highly educational spot, because all displays come with the animals’ common name, scientific name and their distinct characteristics and habitat. The stuffed real animals were big hits with the kids for photo ops, there were bears, crocodiles, Siberian tiger, greater kudu, Kalahari goat, American leopard, pot bellied pig, to mention a few.

My kids did not realize all the hours we spent at Zoocobia, because of activities like My Art Work station, where kids can work with paper, wood and crayon to create art masterpieces with their own hands. Birds of Paradise will have you go into a huge bird cage with almost 50 birds you can feed. These birds are not afraid to go close as long as you have food on any of your body part! Kids fed them while on the ground or perched on their hands. The birds fly to wherever you put feeds on! Next was a long list of animals to feed: parrots, ostrich, bearcat and monkeys.

My youngest boy’s favourite was the Zooc, it is a gravity car that is patterned after the luge from Sentosa resort in Singapore. We drove it to a 400-meter track. All boys were all smiles, if it wasn’t for the climb up, we would have done it again and again. Of course, we also took the time to go through the garden maze and to take on the gigantic slides. Mommies do not need to worry because kids land on a big stack of hay, with a park attendant waiting at the bottom of the slide, too, to catch the kids.

The kids also tried the zipline and riding the horses. The camels are also up for a ride, but be ready to endure the camel’s natural scent (which reportedly does not go away even with the animals’ daily bath).


Thanking God for this family experience. Parents who want to have an educational trip can surely enjoy Zoocobia. It was also encouraging to highlight to kids God’s creation story, as you go around the park, highlighting how we can take care of the animals God has created while enjoying the beauty of nature around us.




Need Christmas Sweets Options? Read Up.

rsz_1mbp_pinkChristmas is about celebrating the real reason for the season, it is taking the time to thank God for Jesus, the ultimate message of Christmas. Also, it is about celebrating family, friendships and building memories that last. But most moms make the easy mistake of spending all time worrying about the minute details of parties, instead of involving family with preparation for our Christmas celebrations. For this working mom, Christmas is made easier with sweets-on-the-go type of gifts. I remember preparing teachers’ gifts with kids, it was a simple bag of chocolate cupcakes but made special with handwritten cards from my kids.

Christmas cupcake

So to help moms-on-the-go like me to save time and quickly look at the best options for Christmas sweets to give away, I have listed below my best options : sweetest and yummiest treats that do not break the budget. Read on.

Mommy Chi’s Dreamcakes                                                                                         Mommy Chi is a stay-at-home mom who excels at baking right from her own kitchen. She has made quite a name for being the first stop for specialty fondant cakes. So whether it is a birthday, wedding, friends’ meet up or anything imaginable you are celebrating, you can go to Mommy Chi for options and she can help you plan it and bake them for you.

Hello Kitty themed cake
Superman cake
wedding cake – chocolate moist cake with ganache with available sizes Size 6×8 , 7x 3, 8×3 10×3 , 12×5
Barbie cake with cupcakes

Mindy’s Kitchen Story                                                                                      Mindy is a wife and works full-time in the industry of Training and Development. She finds time to express her creativity in the kitchen and in her baking creations. She is on never-ending project of 51st dates with husband discovering new food destinations. She packages her cookies and cupcakes in creative cups and boxes, it is ready to be given as gifts anytime.

Honey Lemon Cupcakes in lemon buttercream frosting with sugar sprinkles


Espresso cookies in dark chocolate


Soft and chewy dark chocolate cookies


Mommy Jane’s Go Sweets Mommy Jane is not new to the limelight kitchen, with her son sharing the limelight on the Philippines’ franchise of Junior Masterchef. But she herself excels at baking and creating sweets masterpieces. Whether it is Christmas or not, you can see her with clients left and right who never tire of sampling her sweet creations.

candy buffet
yema cake


Mimi’s Pastimallows Pastimallows are known to be available from the south, but no need to travel far to get the best-tasting pastimallows. Mimi has them fresh from her oven. She got her name from her cute and adorable granddaughter who instead of calling her lola, calls her Mimi. Baking masterpieces always made out of love.



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Excited to Watch Disney on Ice 2015 : Magical Ice Festival at the Big Dome

rsz_1mbp_pinkI have written in the past about our family Christmas traditions and by now you would have known that we do yearly family activities that include watching Disney on Ice Christmas with the kids and their cousins. Pretty soon, it is going to be Christmas season, and we are all excited to continue to build lasting memories as we all anticipate the return of an all time Filipino favorite – the annual staging of Disney On Ice at the Big Dome.



There is much to look forward to in this year’s show. Aside from world-class skaters who make up its talented ensemble, this year’s Disney On Ice will be extra special because with Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival featuring Disney’s Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time Frozen, along with three Disney royal adventures! Last year, the Big Dome was filled with small kids’ voices as they watch Disney characters on ice while singing along with all familiar Disney music from Cinderella, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and of course, their top favorite Tangled!

2015 DOI flyer 9x6in

It has also been a joy to sit with kids and engage with them while watching, highlighting the values one can get from Disney movies. Just like any other animated movies (including non-animated kids’ movies), this working mom believes and puts a premium on having the right conversations right after each movie experience. This allows me to drive and emphasize the valuable parts of the movie while having an opportunity to correct wrong behaviours observed on movies. It was a joy to encourage my daughter, Sofia to be as exuberant, joyful and optimistic like Cinderella on her saddest day. It was also an encouragement to see Princess Tiana who believed she can be the best she can be by achieving her dreams of owning her own restaurant. It was a display of faith and a display of excellent labor, values that we want our kids to take home.

2015 DOI flyer 9x6in

“This year’s Disney On Ice is truly magical with Disney properties that are packed with heart and personality. We have princesses that are exuberant and strong-willed, but we’ve also expanded the roles of spirited supporting characters, so that they’re more prominent in the show,” says Producer Nicole Feld.

D33_Minnie soloMy kids got more excited to know that for the first time on ice, they will see their favorite Disney stars Anna and Elsa, together with hilarious snowman Olaf, rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven in a magical winter adventure. My kids learned the importance of family with the tear-jerking scenes from “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” We all know that the true and unconditional love that saved Anna came from Elsa and not from Hans. And of course, who could have missed Olaf dreaming of enjoying summer? Just like Olaf, my kids can continue to believe God for bigger things and dream big, as big as impossible Olaf in summer!

D33_20120907_25934-EditAudiences will also enjoy comical segments with captivating stories of princesses Ariel, Rapunzel and Belle in a new twist of fairytale fun featuring Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Beauty and the Beast.

“By pulling together moments from classic Disney stories to the newest feature film sensation Frozen and combining them with elements of comedy and music, we developed a truly unique way to re-tell each fairytale,” says Producer Juliette Feld.

D33_20120907_01542-EditExcited to see the dazzling costume designs, spectacular set elements, and jaw-dropping stunts are also what make this year’s show even more exhilarating. Previous shows were a big hit with my kids with a singing Sebastian, Wendy and Peter Pan flying, and the countless Tangled floating lanterns! It gave me chills to hear all the kids singing “I see the Light” when the lanterns came out.

In Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest,” the theatrical elements of the glitzy napkins and silverware costumes will astound audiences. “The costumes are designed to emphasize the overwhelming amount of table décor that appears in the movie. The napkins unfold to increase their size and the forks tower over the heads of the performers. This is a big moment for Belle; the costumes need to reflect that,” says Costume Designer Cynthia Nordstrom.

D33_20120907_00180-Edit-PRMoreover, lighting plays a crucial role in giving the overall production a truly magical feel. “The colors really pull you into the different worlds of the princesses, but it’s how the lights are arranged that command your attention when the characters are performing their acts. For example, when the Daughters of Triton are introduced, the lighting individually highlights each of them. Your eyes follow the spotlights,” says Lighting Designer Sam Doty.

Experience Magical Ice Festival at the Big Dome from December 25 to January 3 and don’t miss the chance to see your favorite Disney stars LIVE! Buy your tickets via TicketNet online or call 911-5555 for more details.

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What Other Things You can Do While in Baler – Other than Surfing

rsz_1mbp_pinkBaler can very well be dubbed the surfing capital of the Philippines. It attracts countless tourists and locals, surfing enthusiasts flock to Baler year on year. But if you are a mom like me, to four kids, what other things can you do as a family, while in Baler? We all know that Baler is best known for its big waves perfect for those who want to ride them and perfect for those who want to get started with surfing. Surfing (as defined by Wikipedia) is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which usually carries the surfer towards the shore. So we braved the big waves, armed my boys with their kickboards, because the surfboards are surely too heavy and too big for them. I see surfer learners who end up falling towards the water, with their surfboards falling right behind them.


So if you are on the lookout for other things to do while in Baler, read up and know your options.

Baler Destination #1 – Ermita Hill

On the way up to Ermita Hill, it is hard to miss the beautiful landscape around us. I made a quiet thank you prayer to God for creating such beautiful places to visit around the Philippines. The view from the top is breathtaking, you can see the shoreline against the beautiful sand surrounded by lush trees around it. Ermita Hill has a lot of scenic spots where you and your family can take Instagram-worthy pictures while enjoying the view of the ocean and the sound of the breeze. If you have more time to spare, take more time from one of the view decks, remember God’s blessings and thank God for His gift of nature.

2015-10-17 18.14.30

Baler Destination #2 – Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay

Craving for the buffet places from the metro? You will never miss it when you visit Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay where you can go for eat-all-you-can-buffet for just Php200.00, kids plates are at Php150.00. Choose from any of their seafood, Inihaw and shabu-shabu specialties. I am not so sure if you know but Chef Gerry is actually a migrant from China, you would be interested how a Chinese chef like him has mastered serving Pinoy dishes with the best Pinoy flavours we love to have.

Shoreline in the background right outside Chef Gerry's Picnic Bay Php200.00 eat-all-you-can
Shoreline in the background right outside Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay Php200.00 eat-all-you-can

Baler Destination #3 – Asia’s Biggest Balete Tree

As soon as we get to the place, the tree is hard to miss with its size and height. It actually looked so intimidating and to an extent, creepy because of its big branches stretching from the roots to the top. In fact, the tree is so big, a tour group can actually get inside the tangle of branches (they are so big they look like a group of trees). We chose to climb up from inside and from outside, too. Make a mental note that one is only allowed to climb upto 3 meters high. Anything higher than that is not allowed by any of the site guides.

2015-10-17 18.21.07

Baler Destination #4 – Nanay Pacing’s Souvenir Shop

Tagaytay has Rowena’s and Baler has Nanay Pacing’s. There is an advantage about visiting Baler off-summer-peak-season. All of the destinations are crowd-free and you do not have to queue to be able to go around. And so, we were able to choose what we want to take home without rushing and without having to wait for our turn around Nanay Pacing’s Souvenir shop. Tried their sampalok goodies, peanut butter, pastillas, and meringue. Oh by the way, do not be surprised if you happen to spot Nanay Pacing herself manning the counter.

2015-10-17 18.33.30

Baler Destination #5 – Museo De Baler

There is something that sets this museum apart from other local museums. It accurately allows you to view the cultural heritage of the past and present. The ground floor is full of historical displays and facts that have helped shape Baler to what it is now, while the upper floor displays modern art and sculpture that clearly expresses what Baler has become. Museo De Baler’s facade is so inviting it became the beautiful background for our family picture. I didn’t realize all of us were aptly clothed red and blue, it looked like a picture we have planned to take.


Baler Destination #6 – Ditumabo Mother Falls

This is not the first time our kids had to take a trail before getting to a perfect place to swim. We did the same thing for Kabigan Falls, Pagudpod where everyone had to walk for 30 minutes on a trail of land, mini-rivers and hanging bridges. Caramoan also required my kids to do a bit of walking before finding the right spot for swimming in one of the Caramoan islands. And so when it was time to take the 45 minute walk to Ditumabo Mother Falls, my kids were all for it. The falls did not disappoint. Just make sure you do not stay too long with kids because the water can be too cold for swimming.


Next time you visit Baler, make sure you ask for a Baler map so you can freely create your itinerary as you go around the nooks and corners of what makes Baler a family-destination.

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Taking Gifting to the Next Level


I am sure that for all my mom readers, having kids at home means Christmas starts earlier than usual. In fact, as we speak, we already have the Christmas tree set up and had our first Christmas activity with kids, an afternoon spent completing craft with styro, paint and glitters.



So yearly, my family and I complete these Christmas traditions that not only allow us to celebrate the reason for the season, Jesus, but also allow us to build traditions that display our family culture/values and the things that we are passionate about. Among the things that we do yearly as a family include: a Jesus birthday party, watching Disney on Ice, Christmas pajama nights with bibingka and hot choco, and putting up our Christmas calendar of family activities (Dec1 to 24).

christmas calendar1
Christmas Traditions calendar, each bag contains a picture of a Christmas family activity we have agreed to do from December 1 to 24: e.g. watching Ayala lights and sounds show, Christmas family devotionals, Christmas game and crafts night, etc.
Christmas tradition : Pajama nights served with bibingka and hot choco, enjoyed over watching a movie that kids have chosen to watch together at home.
Christmas Traditions calendar, each bag contains a picture of a Christmas family activity we have agreed to do from December 1 to 24: e.g. watching Ayala lights and sounds show, Christmas family devotionals, Christmas game and crafts night, etc.
Christmas tradition: family portrait taken yearly, which we also use as Christmas cards to go with the gifts from kids.

Also, we are excited to fill up our Faith Jar, where all of us put in what we are believing God for, for the coming months or for the coming year. It is a great activity to build prayerful lives with our kids and allows them to see a God who answers prayers. For this Christmas, what tops my prayer list is for us to be able to celebrate the year’s blessings. For one, I would like to get my husband the perfect staycation for December, yep, he has been planning for us to be on one without the kids. I love my four kids to death, and me and my husband has become creative as it gets pretty challenging to carve couple-time away with four kids. While my boys plan to get the latest Lego toys this year, while my daughter is praying for a pink bike.


Last year, it was also a year to give back as I joined some of my friends visit a public elementary school for a Christmas gift-giving activity. I am praying to be able to do the same this year. There are just so many ways to give back this Christmas, I know of a family who would drive around on Christmas eve to give away Christmas bags to homeless families on the streets. Some join Christmas outreach activities with the entire family. If you do not have the time to spare, you can always give back with SM’s Give a Bear of Joy Today.



For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite and follow its official social media accounts at SM Supermalls Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber. Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.”

However you plan to celebrate your Christmas season with your family, please keep in mind that the most meaningful celebrations you can do are the ones that include the ones who are dearest to you. Plan ahead and let me know what your Christmas plans are.

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Crowdsource the BLISS of a #LiveFreePH

rsz_1mbp_pinkJeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘future’? What picture comes to mind when you think about where your family would be 10 or 20 years from now? Are the people around you generally in faith and hopeful or gloomy about tomorrow? With the Brighter Life Index: Social Sentiment or BLISS, Sun Life will show how optimism, prosperity, and the bayanihan spirit can produce a positive ripple from ourselves to our loved ones and to the community where we live.

BLISS is a Facebook application that aims to get the pulse of Filipinos about their current financial situation as well as their outlook for the future.


“BLISS gives us the canvas to paint our #LiveFreePH campaign. Through crowdsourcing, we seek the brightest spots while also determining the areas that are in need of a bit more sunshine,” explained Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa. “Together with the Sun Life Foundation, we will help turn dim prospects to bright opportunities.”

How BLISS happens

BLISS will also radiate warmth in real life, as the Sun Life Foundation pledges to match survey responses with a donation to help localities with bleak outlooks, as indicated by the stormy icons in the results map. Inspired by the practice of bayanihan (communal work), the initiative translates insight to action, via the information that will be shared by online users.

BLISS to #LiveFreePH

From the present to the future, BLISS narrates the changing story of Filipinos from multiple points of view: self, family, and community. Income, health, and work-life balance are identified as personal concerns; food, nutrition and financial security comprise the familial territory; while access to quality education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities are the societal factors that impact the nation as a whole. When addressed properly, these concerns can become the building blocks of a nationwide movement towards financial independence.

Share the BLISS to help communities in need and the chance to win awesome prizes like an iPad Air. Go to to begin.


About Sun Life Financial

Celebrating 150 years in 2015, Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Sun Life Financial and its partners have operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of March 31, 2015, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of $813 billion. For more information please visit

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Mommy Tipid Tips for Ber Months

rsz_1mbp_pinkMy husband recently attended Chinkee Tan’s financial seminar and he came home bringing a Do-it-Yourself Moneykit. It comes complete with Chinkee Tan’s book Till Debt Do Us Part and everything we need to get ourselves started in managing our finances. It got me thinking to list down practical things we have been following to avoid making unnecessary expenses when we can. Please note that whether you are married or single, you need to have your financial goal in mind and it becomes easy to know which ones you should not be spending on and it makes it easy to say ‘no’ to what I call ‘surprise or unnecessary expenses’. Keep in mind that a fool-proof money plan is not exclusive to those who have money crisis. All of us, in whatever money status we are in, can benefit from having wisdom in managing finances.


  1. Make use of your rewards and perks card

More than having these cards, be on top of what is being offered to cardholders. Most are so fast about signing up but not diligent enough about what to use these rewards and perks cards for. Most of the other perks card holder for a pizza restaurant do not know that they can actually get a second pizza free on offered dates, or that a rewards card from a leading department store will give you seasonal discounts like the one I got from International Women’s day (yep, the marketing arm of companies are getting creative about these and you can get perks and discounts even on an ordinary calendar day).


  1. I never do Groceries while Hungry

This, I know, that if I end up doing grocery while hungry, I almost always end up getting more food items than I need, end up rushing up to finish and not having enough time to compare prizes or worst, pick up items I do not usually get or have quantity that is more than I need from a regular grocery day. Of course, if you shop with kids, this is a no-brainer. My kids also tend to get too many food items from the shelves when I take them to join me at the grocery hungry. Oh, by the way, having a grocery plan if you do not want to bring a list, works wonders. I know what I will pick up even before I go close to the shelves. So please help ensure you do your item comparison before you get to the grocery. Develop a conscientious consumer mindset and do your research before you head to the stores.

  1. Dilute your dishwashing liquid

This explains why it is still cheaper if you buy a mid-priced dishwashing liquid. Because these are the only ones you can dilute your water while getting the same result you want from your dishwashing. Also, buy a container once and then do a refill, moving forward. If you haven’t got a basin while you do the dishes yet, start having one and you shave off water expenses.

  1. Do your own hair color, or train how to do it

Having a need to cover my gray hair almost every month (yep, that’s my silvery gray hair if I fail to color it), I have learned overtime to get an over-the-counter hair color and apply it at home. I started with asking someone to help me do it then I have eventually learned how to do it, myself. It saves me at least a thousand pesos monthly plus saves me time to queue at the salon. Except for the occasional hair product or hair treatment reviews I need to do as a blogger, I always opt to color my own hair, when I can.


  1. Bundle cable and internet plans

We used to have a little over a thousand worth of homephone plan but realized that we can have most savings if we go for mobile plans (enough for everyone in the house) and signed up instead for a bundled cable and internet plans for half the prize of the homephone plan!

It is critical to raise relevant questions and exercise your consumer rights at all times. Opportunities to earn and save are everywhere, we just have to be diligent and wise enough to know. I know of the best mommies who sew their own dresses, create their own gardens, and even paint their own rooms. Make each a fun adventure with your family or with your kids and you get additional bonus of creating memories out of money-saving techniques.

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rsz_1mbp_pinkHaving four kids is not an easy feat, I get all the help I can get from people who have Godly counsel I am surrounded with. Parenting is made easier with all imaginable resources but the upcoming 3RD BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES (BFEP) 2015, country’s largest consumer tradeshow of the year for Baby, Kids, Pregnancy, and Parenting Products and Services, to launch on September 5 – 6, 2015 at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, is among one of the parenting resource events I always look forward attending.

BFEP 2014 Exhibitors to join for this year's Baby and Family Expo

The most anticipated Family Ultimate Day-out, BFEP 2015, is dedicated to nurture family development and childcare. The 2-day event provides best products and services for the whole family , covering the stages of family growth from maternity, newborns, toddlers and early childhood, providing seminars and talks to parents and guardians that seek essential tips and trends to improve their children’s health, safety, security, education and many more. Yep, effective and age-appropriate childcare is critical to working moms like myself.

blowoutsaleBFEP 2015 is packed with fun-filled activities for the whole members. I am sure my daughter will have a blast watching the Family Fashion Show, my boys will create a playground out of Familympics, and many games, and raffles. Special attractions and features like Wonderful Playground, World of Science, Toy Museum, Arts and Crafts Studio, Star Photo Gallery, Face Painting Station, Dining Area, Breastfeeding Area, Diaper Changing Area, and Business Matchmaking Area, are prepared for everyone to enjoy!


To top it all off, BFEP 2015 gets bigger and better with more than 100 exhibiting brands to give away exciting prizes and exclusive discounts from their products and services only during the exhibit.

Baby and Family Expo Philippines’ World of Fun where children enjoy fun and exciting rides and games at the expo
Baby and Family Expo Philippines’ World of Fun where children enjoy fun and exciting rides and games at the expo

Last year, BFEP 2014 gathered the best baby, kids, pregnancy and parenting products and services in one place. Exhibiting Brands like Johnson & Johnson, Baby Mama Inc, Enchanted Kingdom, Children’s Dental Center Co. Inc, and Momsie Kitty SPA, and a lot more joined the expo. It was packed with talks and seminars from industry experts such as The Medical City and from different personalities like Edward Mendez and Ali Gui, Merlee Jayme. Celebrities such as Thor Dulay, Emil and Faith Cuneta also entertained the visitors. Special activities were, Bubble Show, Puppet and Magic Shows, Interactive Science Show and Mascot Showdown.

IMG_1563_(2)[1]BFEP 2015, now on its 3rd year triples the FUN with more Family Bonding Activities, Ultimate Shopping Experiences, and New Learnings and Insights from our experts.


Be part of this star-studded family event! Interested to Exhibit? Call 504 – 4724 / 0905 – 475 – 1331, or email, and join the community at and See you all there!


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